We work every day to be responsible with the Environment. For that, Aiditec Systems uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes for the packaging of all products. With this, we aim reduce the amount of waste, reuse and recicle as much as possible, reducing the environmental impact.

We are a company committed to the environment and involved with our society and the future of this. Thus, from Aiditec Systems we believe that with our actions we reduce the non-biodegradable waist. Furthermore, we reuse or recycle it instead of throw them in the trash, reducing the environmental impact of our business activity.

We believe in sustainable development and environment protection. For this, we try to reduce any negative impact of our operations on environment.

The recycling of our lightning rods packaging contributes with the conservation of environment. In addition, we have strategies of environmental management for reducing the impact caused by our manufacturing processes. Although this last impact can be perceived as insignificant or low, you can always carry out small actions in the office aimed at its prevention or reduction.

Committed to sustainability and the environment,

Aiditec Systems.


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