GIM by Lad™

Ground Improving Material (GIM®) by Lad is a Carbon Based earthing backfill compound consisting of highly conductive materials, which increase the earthing system’s efficiency and durability. It is most useful for areas with corrosive soils and or high resistant soils such as rocky and sandy grounds.

Earth Rod Installation

1. Dig a hole with a diameter of 15 cm and the depth of the earth rod length.
2. Drive the earth rod into the hole to a depth of approximately 15 cm, ensuring that the top of the rod be around 15 cm below grade. Any exothermic welding or clamp connection to the earth rod should be made at this stage.
3. Fill the hole with the GIM® mixture covering the earth rod completely. Use a pole or other appropriate device to ensure that the GIM® mixture is properly compacted.
4. Fill the rest of the hole with the soil removed earlier. (An inspection earth housing can be installed for future access).

Resistivity less than 0.5Ω

Trench Installation

1. Dig a trench with a minimum width of 10 cm and depth of 75cm. In case of cold areas a dig deeper than the frost line.
2. Fill in the bottom of the trench with at least 5cm of GIM® mixture spread out evenly.
3. Place the round or tape conductor on top of the layer of GIM® mixture.
4. Pour enough GIM® mixture on the conductor to completely Cover it with at least 5cm of GIM® mixture.
5. Fill the trench with about 15 cm of soft soil above the GIM® mixture.
6. Pour enough soil to completely fill the trench.